The Healthy You: Tips for Those who Have trouble Getting Started

Some of us have trouble getting started toward a healthy lifestyle, no matter how badly we want to get there.  We find excuses, or tell ourselves we are going to start tomorrow, but never do. This pattern of self defeating promises can be stopped. Here are some tips that will help you:

1. Hire a Personal Trainer

This isn’t always the easiest or most affordable option, but it’s one that definitely helps. Not only will a personal trainer help you hold yourself accountable, but they will also guide you in the proper exercises, proper form, and even proper dieting to help you achieve your goals. Personal trainers are a great asset if you can make it work with your time and budget.


2. Go to a Bootcamp

Boot camps are great ways to get in shape, especially if you are uncomfortable with the idea of training alone or alone with a personal trainer. Like any group class, boot camps help you not feel alone or singled out. Everyone is there working hard with you. Don’t let the intense name of the class fool you. It is rewarding for everyone, as most instructors tailor their classes so each person can push themselves as hard or as little as they want.


3. Get a Buddy to Workout With

Having a workout buddy can save you a lot of money. This is especially true if they are someone close, like a best friend, roommate or significant other. Being close to the person you workout with will greatly help you with accountability as well as sticking to a diet if you decide on one.


These are a few things that can help jump start your motivation to workout. Once you begin working out, it is easy to keep it up. Results are addicting!